How to Make Your Own Horse Bonnet

How to Make Your Own Horse Bonnet

If you've got a special horse in your life and you're wondering how to make your own bonnet, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to create your own handmade, custom fly veil/bonnet: 

  • yarn (100% mercerized cotton) 
  • crochet needles 
  • crochet pattern 
  • spandex or bamboo fabric 


You'll need a separate pattern for each shape you want to attempt. We make our bonnets in three shapes: tie-down, traditional v shape and square. You'll also alter each pattern based on which size you're making. Our bonnets come in sizes ranging from mini, pony, to horse and even draft.


You'll want to also make sure you have a few different colours - one for the base of the bonnet, and one or two for the trim. 


While our super special pattern is kept under lock and key, there are plenty available on Etsy  to experiment with. Pick one out and give it a go! 


Once you've finished crocheting the base of your bonnet, it's time to sew on the ears! You can do this with a sewing machine or by hand. We find that a spandex or bamboo blend works best for this part because it will stretch over your equine friend's ears snugly. 


This is the fun part. Head out to your local craft store and find some crystal banding to sew on or even beads (Swarovski is our favourite!). There may also be cute patches there to sew on (or you can inquire about custom patches with your local embroiderer). 


If you've gotten this far and decided this all sounds like too much work, we're here to help! You can create your own custom bonnet here and we'll make your bonnet dreams come true.  

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