About Our Bonnets

Custom Bonnets Are Our Specialty

Wish treats each bonnet we craft like a unique piece of art. We take pride in being able to add that extra bit of sparkle into your show (or everyday) attire.

As the great George Morris once said, Don’t be afraid to show off on course. You will be rewarded for brilliance. Not reckless brilliance, but natural brilliance. Don’t be sheep.


Our custom bonnets are handmade using high quality 100 percent mercerized cotton that stretches nicely and washes easily. Ears on our bonnets are made from a breathable spandex blend for a comfortable, secure fit.  

We have a wide variety of base, trim and crystal colours available for even the most discerning equestrian to match his or her fly veil to their entire show outfit. Please use our Bonnet Builder to build your bonnet from the thousands of options available. 

For an added charge, crystals or Swarovski beads can be added to each bonnet. 

Wish also has the ability to create soundproof ears using a technical sound muffling material. Available by special request.

Each bonnet comes with a wishbone charm free of charge. 

Production Time

Please allow 2-6 weeks for production. 


Size Browband Between Ears


13" 3.5"

(warmblood size)

15" 4.5"


16" 5.5"



Bonnets are available in square, traditional v or long v (tie down) shapes. Additionally, customers can choose to add scallops to their bonnet by special request.   

Embroidery & Logos

Embroidery is available for custom bonnets at an added cost using our Bonnet Builder. Please submit a special request for team logo patches.